Inventory Management

Vertex utilizes a Warehouse Management System (WMS) specifically designed for a 3PL environment.

Our system is a real-time, RF enabled warehouse management system that is the foundation for our operational excellence. All transactions inclusive of receipt, put-away, selection and shipping are all tracked in a live environment. All goods are assigned license plates upon receipt, storage locations, and then scanned on the outbound and loading process.

Vertex will assist in providing all the necessary information and reporting, to effectively rotate inventory through our facility, providing a steady revenue stream at a fixed cost per piece. By establishing minimum/maximum inventory levels and providing replenishment reports based on those values, Vertex can help to avoid variable costs of lost sales, storage, and other unforeseen expenses.

We understand the importance of maintaining accurate reporting practices. Vertex is committed to providing accessible and reliable inventory information to our clients and offer real-time data analytics through personalized on-demand business reports. We have a proven track record providing the utmost in inventory accuracy and follow strict protocols around lot control and FIFO requirements. At Vertex, our skilled Inventory Control Team will perform 100% verification of all inbound and outbound shipments as well as execute regular cycle counts as well as stock checks to ensure that physical inventory levels coincide with reported on-hand levels and are fully documented following the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


"We have been partnered with Vertex for 3PL services for several years . They execute keenly on all key services: Pick/Pack, Shipping, Inventory Management, and Special Projects. The Vertex Customer Service team is responsive, flexible, and shows an impressive level of Product Knowledge throughout the partnership. As a valued business partner, they deliver results quickly and efficiently."
"Vertex Logical Solutions is an exceptionally well-run company that has provided tremendous stability and reliable service. Shipments go out on time; reporting is accurate, and staff are responsive."
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