Electronic & Automated Data Exchange

Our professional and systemic approach to EDI integration allows you to stay ahead of your competition in today’s market by providing solutions to your ever-expanding integration needs.

We are confident that we will provide a solution to help streamline the flow of information, while effectively lowering your costs. Managed EDI services supported by our team of IT professionals through our highly flexible EDI platform enables us to electronically send business critical data in real time directly to our customers or your retail trading partners.

FTP solutions are also available to all our clients, from order processing, to ASN’s to third parties or directly to your customers. Alternative solutions could also be available, whereby an EDI interface will allow Vertex to seamless update back to your host system. This adapted process would allow for the reduction of clerical labour for both parties and decrease the chance of data input errors.


"Vertex has been extremely helpful in providing solutions to our ever-expanding business needs. Their professional and systematic approach to warehousing has allowed us to stay ahead of our competition in today’s market. We truly value our partnership!"
"Vertex Logical Solutions is an exceptionally well-run company that has provided tremendous stability and reliable service. Shipments go out on time; reporting is accurate, and staff are responsive."

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